Betting.Betfair Review

Betfair is an online bookmaker and exchange. The bookmaker website works the same way as a standard bookmaker and any bets are placed on odds against the house. The Betfair Exchange is different, in that it allows punters to bet against each other. When using the Betfair Exchange, the user sets the odds, not the bookmaker.

An extension to the Betfair sportsbook and exchange, is, which basically acts as a betting guide. The layout of the website uses the same colour scheme as the main Betfair website and it is very straightforward to find the sports you are interested in. In terms of usability, the website is very good and if you find odds you would like to bet on, simply click on the link provided and you will be taken to that market. It doesn’t get much better than that.

At the basic level, Betting.Betfair is a great place to go and learn about the different forms of betting and markets available on their sportsbook and exchange. So, if you are new to lay or arb betting and would like to know more before using the Betfair Exchange, Betting.Betfair is the best place to go.
By scrolling down the homepage of the site, you will find section called Betfair Education and this is where you can read several guides about how to use the exchange and the various betting markets on offer.

However, the main purpose of Betting.Betfair are the betting tips for upcoming events. At the top of the website, you can find all the sports which are available and by clicking on a sport of your choice, you will be taken to a page with tips on that sport, for events which are coming soon.

For example, if you click on football, you are presented with numerous match previews for upcoming games which are going to be live on television. Each of these previews offers insight to the matches and tips which you can follow. The match previews are generally very good and even if you do not want to follow the tips provided at the end of the article, you can use the information to form your own bet.

Latest news and previews show on the home page


The breadth of coverage is vast and you can find previews and tips on horse racing, cricket, tennis, golf, US sports and much more. Betting.Betfair also employ star columnists for various sports, who add additional insight to upcoming events and the best ways to profit from them using the Betfair sportsbook or exchange. Examples include Tony Calvin, Michael Cox and Ryan Moore.

Betting.Betfair is a great website to use before placing your bets. The previews and tips are solid and usually provide great insight into the event, along with odds for the recommended markets, leaving you just one click away from placing your bet. Review

As you can probably guess by the name of this website, is based on football and no other sport. The website is displayed in predominantly blue, white and green colours and the menus at the top of the homepage are clear and easy to follow.

The bulk of the Goal homepage is made up of latest news and stories, some of which are serious and others which have a comedic value. The links at the top of the website take you to the main news section and there is a Premier League specific menu, which leads to individual pages with news and articles about each club.
The European section does something similar for the big European teams and there is also a page exclusively for transfer news and rumours. Goal claim to have 530 reporters out and about, reporting back to the website and therefore they are always on top of the latest happenings in the world of football.
The Live section of the website will keep you up to date with all the latest scores and results around the world, from England to Australia. However, it is the betting section which is of most interest to us and this can be reached in one click from the homepage.

The Goal betting section is mainly made up of betting previews for upcoming matches. Leagues covered include the Premier League and La Liga, without much scope outside of these two divisions. Most betting previews on Goal are made up with a look back at previous results of both teams this season and recent previous meetings between them. Goal present the odds for home win, away win and draw, before offering a little more detail in the way of other markets, such as both teams to score and total goals scored.

The new app – fantastic in match data for football fans


In truth, there is nothing special about these betting previews and they are no different to what you can find on many other football and betting related websites. For big matches, such as El Clasico or the North London derby, Goal will provide betting specials and these are basically extended versions of their normal betting previews, with a bit more detail and a few more tips. Again, this is nothing out of the ordinary and is something you can find on many other websites.

That’s not to say Goal is not worth your attention because there is much to like about the website and if you are a casual punter, who likes to read betting previews for the Premier League and La Liga, it is ideal. The other news and articles are good and although they are not linked to betting, make for a nice read anyway. However, if you want a little more depth to your football betting, including statistics, then Goal is probably not for you.

Sporting Life Review

The name Sporting Life is steeped in history, having been established in 1859. Sporting Life was originally a print publication and sold as a newspaper up until 1998. Two years prior to this, the Sporting Life website was created and it was the first multi-sports website of its kind in the United Kingdom.

The basis of the website –, is to provide up to date sporting news, betting previews, scores and reviews, covering several sports such as football, horseracing, golf, cricket, tennis, motorsport and US Sport.

Upon landing on the website, it immediately becomes clear who owns it, as more often than not there is a big advert at the top of the page for Skybet (Now part Sky past CVC capital – news here). It’s below this ad where the main action starts and Sporting Life looks very much like a standard news website, with the latest news at the top of the middle column and older news articles below. On the right side of the homepage, you will find upcoming football fixtures and horseracing times, in addition to latest scores and results.

One key thing Sproting life has is the fast results page – this delievers yo horse racing results in an instant after the race has finished – here’s how it looks –


On the left side of the homepage is a menu of all the sports covered by Sporting Life and by clicking on one of them, you will be taken to the specialist section of the website for that sport.

Towards the bottom of this menu, you will find the betting zone and by clicking on the arrow to the right, a new menu opens on the left side, displaying many betting options. From here you can access betting previews and these tend to be for football, horseracing, NFL and golf. Previews include a facts section, team information and various tips. The betting news section highlights any special offers on upcoming events and the tipsters section shows the people who are writing the tips for the website, a bit about their background and previous tips they have provided.

You can also check out the record of Sporting Life when it comes to providing winning tips. There is also a handy betting calculator and betting guide, the latter of which comes with a betting glossary, for any terms you may be unsure about.

Sporting Life is a website which is very rich in content and if you are looking for the latest news and betting previews, especially for football, horseracing, NFL, tennis and golf, Sporting Life is a great resource. The tips on the website are free and they keep a record of how well they are doing, so you can check this before deciding whether to follow at tip. The only downside is the lack of statistical information.

So, if you like to base your betting activity on statistics, Sporting Life may not have the content you are looking for but in general, it is a very good website.

The Stats Don’t Lie Review

The name of this website basically gives away its purpose, which is to provide statistical information, to help punters make winning bets. The aim of the website is to provide statistics from various sports, which relate to the popular betting markets, in the hope these will improve punters chances of making a profit at the bookies. features a basic layout on the homepage, with a scrolling image of various sports available on the website. By scrolling down the page, you come across links to the most popular football betting markets and below that, horseracing. Other than some links at the bottom of the page and the menu of sports covered across the header at the top, that’s all there is on offer on the homepage of the website. Not that its bad, it does the job and shows what you need to know, in predominantly black, white and purple colours.

How the stats look on stats don’t lie


Despite stating on the homepage that the website offers statistics for various sports, the choice is quite limited and includes football, horseracing, NFL and darts, which is an interesting combination. According to the about page, golf may also be included soon and that would be a nice addition to the website.

As for the statistics themselves, one click on a sport at the top of the homepage, such as football, brings up the menu for that sport. On the page are a choice of betting markets available for the sport and for football there is a choice of eleven different markets to choose from. By clicking on one of these, such as both teams to score, you are taken to the statistical page for that market and the top ten leagues and top ten teams around the world, for this market are shown, which is a good feature. Scrolling down the page, it’s possible to choose different leagues and check the same statistics for all the teams in that league. The number of leagues to choose from is huge, ranging from the English Premier League to the Belarus Premier League.

The same principle applies for NFL and by selecting this sport from the homepage, you are taken to a menu with the various betting markets available and the statistics contained within each. In terms of horse racing, a choice of festivals is provided, in addition to national hunt and flat racing. Only the major meets seem to be covered at present, so if you are looking for in-depth statistics for horseracing, thestatsdontlie may not be for you. Darts coverage is focused only the Premier League so again, if you are looking for something outside this competition, you will be left a little disappointed.

However, for those who enjoy betting on football and NFL, thestatsdontlie provides a good and easy to use service. All the information is there, for a wide range of betting markets and the insight on teams who are regularly meeting the criteria for individual markets is a nice touch.

Squawka Review is football statistics website which brands itself as giving users ‘Stats worth Sharing’. The main selling point of their service, are the real-time and in depth statistics of live football matches and this can be accessed via the website or the app.

Squawka also gives fans the chance to discuss the match live, while backing up their arguments with statistics. However, Squawka also offers statistics and news on its website, which can be used when looking ahead to upcoming games from a betting perspective.

The Squawka website is quite basic, with red and white the main colour theme used. The homepage mainly covers news and match reviews, with options such as live scores, stats centre, fixtures and results at the top of the homepage. The statspack, which is also available from the top menu, takes you are a new page but the stats on the page are all based on the previous Premier League season, which is great if you want to look something up from last season but not so good if you were hoping for stats from the current season.

Squawka covers every single game from the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1, with plans to add the Champions League soon. That stats centre is where you will find the detailed breakdown of the five leagues mentioned above, with more attention given to player performance than overall team performance.

Live scores on the site


Information available includes top goal scorers, most assists, highest passing accuracy and top tacklers. Each individual player has been given a rating based on their performance and it is possible to compare players, to see who is outperforming who in different aspects of the game, which is interesting.

On the left side of the football stats page, are the top five performing teams in Europe and by clicking on one of them, you are taken to a more detailed breakdown of their performance, including shooting accuracy, chances created and total yellow/red cards. In truth, it is nothing out of the ordinary and you can easily find this information out on several other football websites.

If you want to make the most of Squawka from a betting point of view, you should download the app. The App provides real-time statistics on the top games around Europe, including the Champions League and the information is nicely presented and easily accessible.
A nice aspect to the app, is the little pieces of information which appear during a live game, such as ‘the last time Barcelona lost when taking the lead at home was in 2012’. These give you little insights into matches, which may lead you to making a bet. However, in terms of football betting, the app does not offer anything which is out of the ordinary or could not be found elsewhere.

The Squawka website does a good job of displaying team and player statistics but in terms of betting, there is not a lot there to keep punters coming back for more.

Oddschecker Review is an odds comparison website, which does a similar job to famous insurance comparison websites, but for betting odds. The website has a simple black, yellow and orange based interface and has forged itself a good reputation among the online betting community.

Essentially, the website allows punters to view and compare all the odds for a particular betting market, in one place. This makes it much easier to find the best odds available, before placing a bet. So, rather than searching through ten different bookmaker’s websites, you can simply go to Oddschecker, find the race or match you want to bet on and compare the odds, before choosing the best available.

The good thing is, when you have found the best odds for your bet, it is possible to place a bet through Oddschecker, rather than having to go to the actual website of the bookmaker. For example, if you wanted to place a bet for Arsenal to beat Manchester City and found that Bet365 were providing the best odds, you can click on these odds and a betting slip will appear, where you can place your bet.

The simplicity of this, is what makes Oddschecker work because if you were forced to login to the bookmaker’s website each time, it could be a time-consuming process. However, not all bookmakers are available on the Oddschecker website and for some of the lesser known ones, you will be provided with a link to their website, which you will need to click on, to complete your bet.

As soon as you hit the home page you’ll see the main offers box as below. This has all the upcoming key events and enhanced odds promos.

Home page offers on the oddschecker site

If accumulators are your thing, Oddschecker have a great feature whereby you can add selections to your betting slip, from various bookmakers and upon completing the bet, Oddschecker will bring up the best available odds for that accumulator, along with a link to place the bet. It’s an excellent way to ensure you have the best odds for your accumulator, without trawling the various bookmaker’s websites.

You can choose how you want to display the odds, with fractional, decimal and US available and adjust the betting exchange commissions, so you can see the exact amount of current commission for each exchange. The market reports are also a good feature and allow users to see which markets are reducing or increasing odds the most. This is good for seeing where the money is being placed and will give you some idea of the confidence in a specific horse or team.

Any great offers which bookmakers have available for events taking place are shown on the homepage, so you will never miss out on promotional odds or offers. In addition, there is a dedicated page to all ongoing offers from the bookmakers, which is worth referring to before placing a bet.

Also, if you enjoy watching the events you have bet on, checkout the TV Calendar link in the tools menu, which shows what sports are being shown on what channel, with times they are starting.

The only real drawback to using Oddschecker, is the speed at which the odds update. This has improved over time but is still not fast enough. The result being that when you click on some excellent odds you have found, the price which comes up when you place the bet, changes to something which is not as attractive.

However, when you are looking for the best odds for upcoming events, Oddschecker is the best website available and being easy to use, with some nice additional features, it’s hard to beat.

AdamChoi Review

When it comes to sports betting, one thing all good punters cannot do without is statistics. Yes, a good knowledge of the event is very helpful and without this, sports betting is more difficult to get right but even without it, statistics can go a long way to making sports betting more profitable. is website which specialises in providing betting statistics for football betting. The website is very simplistic and features a very basic homepage, with brief information explaining what the website is about and a latest news section. The predominant colours are white, blue and black and the main menu can be accessed down the left side of the page. It’s all very straight forward and easy to use, which is great.

The coverage is very good, with many leagues included, such as the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie, Scottish football, Belgian football, Major League Soccer and Brazilian Campeonato.

By clicking on the fixtures link, you are taking to a page showing all the matches to be played that day and at the top, there is a drop down menu to select the statistic you are interested in looking at. For example, when you first load the page, it is showing the chances of both teams to score in all the matches for that day, with the threshold at 60% or more. By scrolling down the page, you can see the chances of a match ending with both teams having scored a goal.

Corner betting markets on Adamchoi


Using the drop down menu at the top of the page, you can show statistics for several different betting markets for games being played across the world that day. Markets include total match goals, total match corners, corners handicap, total booking points and much more. For many of the markets, a second menu appears which lets you adjust for which line you would like to see statistics, such as over 2.5 total goals or over 3.5 total goals.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of specific betting markets, such as the both teams to score market for Arsenal, you can choose the market from the menu on the left of the homepage and choose Arsenal from the drop down menu. From here, you can easily change the league and the team you would like to see and go right the way back to the 2008/09 season if you wish. is a very simple website to use and provides great insight to a variety of football betting markets. It’s free to use and could become a very nice companion, helping you to make the most of your betting activity.

WhoScored Review is a statistical website, which offers information about football leagues, teams and players. Not only does WhoScored provide statistics such as league tables, goals and assists, it goes much deeper.


The website uses a mainly black, white and green colour scheme and is easy to use. The main football leagues covered are the Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1. The website also provides coverage of football in Portugal, Sweden, Russia, USA, Holland, Brazil, Turkey, Norway and China. The Champions League, Europa League and international football is also covered.

The top menu gives you a brief idea of what WhoScored offers, with live scores, match previews, statistics, news and facts being the main choices. The match previews section offers a statistical insight to upcoming matches and can be a very useful resource before placing bets.

They are broken down with probable line-ups and injury news, which is good for identifying any missing players before placing bets on goal scorers or teams who rely on one or two key players.
The match facts section highlights any trends for each individual team and past matches between the two teams. A link is provided with odds on each of these trends and you are taken to Bet365, if you would like to place a bet on the market and odds shown. They also offer a prediction at the bottom of the preview, including the final score and the reasons why they believe the game will finish with that specific score line.

Whoscored home page

Here’s what the sites home page looks like


The statistics section of WhoScored ranks each for the main European leagues with a number out of 10. There are several factors involved in making this ranking, including shots, possession, pass completion and aerial battles won. However, where WhoScored comes into its own is through their player ranking system.
Player ratings are worked out using a comprehensive statistical algorithm, which is calculated live during a game. Every aspect of the match is considered and the player is scored out 10, with an average formed throughout the season. This may not offer much assistance when placing bets on football matches but it’s a very interesting element to the website nonetheless.

Of more use to punters is the top facts page of the website, which lists many facts about teams who have matches coming up soon. For example, Napoli have won 10 of their last 11 home Serie A matches. Underneath this fact is Napoli’s next home fixture, when it kicks-off and the odds for Napoli to win, with a link to Bet365 to place the bet. This is a great way to find out strong statistical trends of teams around the leagues covered by WhoScored and bet on them.

The live match centre is also a good addition, with live scores and in-play statistics, which can help when betting during a live football match.
The comprehensive football analysis provided by WhoScored is a great asset for those who like betting on football and as it is free to use, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have the site in your bookmarks.